Our Team

Steven Honey

Chairman/Executive General Manager

Steven has extensive global and executive experience, and a deeply strategic approach to Project Management. A strong leadership manager, skills and expertise in leading significant growth projects.

Steven is highly respected for his thought leadership across a wide range of procurement initiatives, O&G logistics, Infrastructure management services and economic issues within the industry and contracts being serviced.

Steven has built a strong team of Skilled Professional Management for B.A.I.R Management Solutions, considered to be mobile ready, to move at short notice to support contract needs.

Steven has extensive and considerable background experience working on projects such as:

  • Nyrstar / Perks Hospitality Management Services SA
  • Nyrstar / NATRAS Transformation Project (SA)
  • Exxon PNG Logistics Advisor Production
  • Exxon Upstream Infrastructure Construction
  • Exxon Operations Project Execution Team
  • Clough Projects PNG construction
  • Shaheen Business Investment Group Jordan
  • (ESS) Middle East, Iraq Reconstruction
  • TEAM45 Iron Ore Port rail Projects
  • And much more

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is an experienced business leader and a deeply strategic approach with extensive experience in the industry, Mr Robinson has a proven track record in financial and operational leadership across a number of industries, including construction and infrastructure, financial services and travel and hospitality. With improved effectiveness and efficiency, related functions and involved in all strategic transactions with a balance-sheet impact.

Paul background experience on many projects such as:

  • Bair Management Compliance Manager
  • Nyrstar/Natras Transformation Project (SA) Manager/Business Development Manager
  • Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine (WA) Manager
  • Fortescue Metals Port Hedland (WA) Manager
  • BHP Newman (WA) Accounts Manager
  • FKG Roma (QLD) Project Manager
  • Bechtel Moranbah (QLD) Logistics & Accommodation Manager
  • United Nations Karachi Pakistan Logistics
  • United Nations Chengdu China Logistics
  • United Nations Kavieng Papua New Guinea Logistics & Accommodation Manager

The Team Environment

In more recent times, Steven was asked to mobilise PERKS Hospitality Management, with a team to assist the emergency shutdown maintenance program for the Nyrstar Smelter facility, requiring a full services and operating accommodation facility in care and maintenance with a (10) day notification of site resurrection and mobilisation time line for first meals and completed it on time with a sounding success and a 99% customer survey success rate.

We are not a catering company nor will we ever delve into that arena, we are simply a Strategic Contract business unit, that is more cost effective then a catering service company and provides Turn Key cost management solutions for any location.

Team BAIR became a family of specialists in their own right and have been working together for over 20 years now, covering all aspects of village services from catering and hands on production, Budgetary performance for our clients, Training initiatives covering every aspect of a remote site camp or village services operation.

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